Ep.14 Nutrition with Shauna Mann, How to Eat Healthier, My Best Life Podcast

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Ever wonder what to eat to be healthy? Do you know a little about nutrition and want to know more? Do you have no idea where to start? Do you need meal ideas?
Do you not know how to structure your day in terms of food?
Do you want to discover new super foods and healthy products?
Do you want to have more energy and look/feel like you can conquer the world?!?!

We cover all of this and more with Cooking Instructor,  Nutritionist and Healthy Eating/ Health Product Guru Shauna Mann!!

She’s super sweet! It’s like having your best friend give you the best advice that will actually change your life and make you a healthier human being!


Shauna’s information:

Website: https://www.shaunamnutrition.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shauna.m.nutrition/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shaunamnutrition/?pnref=story.unseen-section



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Episode 14: Nutrition with Shauna Mann, How to Eat Healthier, My Best Life Podcast

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