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April 2018

Ep. 13: Matt Barnes, Photographer, Creator, Collaborator, Director, My Best Life Podcast

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Dad/Photographer/Director/Collaborator. Dreamer with a big heart. Lover of family, food, fitness, cars, art, clothes, old school, toys, rad people and fun times. ... Oh Yeah!! He's an International Photographer who has shot campaigns for big companies, non-profits, models, actors, athletes, creatives, artists like Ariana Grande, Drake, Deadmau5 and much more! Our Episode 13 guest on My Best Life Podcast, is the talented and hard-working Matt Barnes!   SPONSOR DISCOUNT: Scoria- Spark The Child Within with[...]

Ep. 12: Marcel Frost Flow DaCosta, Bboy, Creator, Educator, Explorer, My Best Life Podcast

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He's a dancer, creator, explorer and an Art & Community educator. He's part of Ground Illusions, 20th Century Bboys, 1ne Unit Tribe, Conscious Soles, Canadian Floor Masters, BBoyizm, UNITY Charity, BluePrint for Life, STORYTIME and has given a TEDx Talk. We talk about his work, accomplishments, travels from Asia to the Arctic and later on his mindset and philosophies which have helped him accomplish everything he has. Our episode 12 guest on My Best Life Podcast is Marcel Frost DaCosta!   Movie mentioned:[...]