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Since 1993

What is "My Best Life Podcast" about?

My Best Life Podcast is a new inspirational and motivational podcast with tips, advice and life lessons to help you live your best life!

Segments include:

  • Interviews: Interviews of people with a positive mindset achieving or who have achieved something they're passionate about.
  • Wellness Segments: Podcasts where we speak about nutrition, exercise, mental health, tips on how to achieve your goals and more.

How did it start?

After a life-changing car accident, with it's many challenges during recovery, founder Flavia dove into what it means to be human, how to improve herself and get the most out of life.

From listening to Harvard lectures on positive psychology, reading several positive psychology, self-help, habit forming and other self-improvement books, watching several motivational speeches, videos, going to conferences and listening to podcasts Flavia wanted to create a space filled with resources to help others and herself live their very best life!

My Best Life Podcast features life lessons, topics on mindset, health tips, interviews with remarkable people achieving tremendous things, how to achieve your goals & dreams and how to live Your Best Life!