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I’m super excited to be launching “My Best Life Podcast”!!

To be honest, this has been quite a journey!! I know there’s a lot more to learn and I’m excited for what’s to come!!

A little bit about My Best Life Podcast:

A new inspirational and motivational podcast with tips, advice and life lessons to help you live your best life!


How it started:

After a life-changing car accident, with it’s many challenges during recovery, founder I dove into what it means to be human, how to improve herself and get the most out of life.

From listening to Harvard lectures on positive psychology, reading several positive psychology, self-help, habit forming and other self-improvement books, watching several motivational speeches, videos, going to conferences and listening to podcasts I wanted to create a space filled with resources to help others and herself live their very best life!

My Best Life Podcast features life lessons, topics on mindset, health tips and interviews with remarkable people achieving tremendous things!


Suggested Guests:

If you know someone who would be great for the podcast please e-mail me!! I would be so happy to learn more about them, their journey and interview them on the show!!

[email protected]

Ep. 1: An introduction to My Best Life Podcast with Flavia Abadía