My experience with Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, Storytime / Interview

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This is a YouTube only episode of My Best Life Podcast explaining my experience with Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, Storytime / Interview. There are extra helpful tips at the end, especially for women (or people who wear makeup and have hair). I went to 3 different consultations, Lasik MD, Bochner and TLC Laser. I personally chose Bochner. Those are all laser / Lasik eye surgery centers in Ontario, Canada. Although a few specifics might not apply to you if you live outside of Canada, I explain the overall process of how it's do[...]


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Hello!! I'm super excited to be launching "My Best Life Podcast"!! To be honest, this has been quite a journey!! I know there's a lot more to learn and I'm excited for what's to come!!   A little bit about My Best Life Podcast: A new inspirational and motivational podcast with tips, advice and life lessons to help you live your best life!   How it started: After a life-changing car accident, with it's many challenges during recovery, founder I dove into what it means to be human, how to improve hersel[...]